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Finnish Culture

Above all, Hauli Huvila is a slice of Finland in California. Nowhere else can you reconnect with your Finnish heritage and roots like Hauli Huvila.

Whether you have recently arrived in the US, are a third generation Finn, or even lucky enough to be married to a Finn, you will feel at home and appreciate the Finnishness of everything Hauli Huvila has to offer.


We proudly fly the blue and white flag at event weekends, and you will probably hear more Finnish than English here, including the latest Finnish hits and to dance to in our recreation room.

Enjoy Life

The celebration of life and relaxation are one of the many joys that many experience at Hauli Huvila. Allowing you to reconnect with your Finnish roots, rediscover yourself with your loved ones and friends.

Unwind while you read a book under the shade of an old walnut or cottonwood tree.

Catch up on lost conversations with your children, grandchildren, spouse and friends.

Enjoy the carefree environment of Hauli Huvila while you float down the Kings River, play a game with friends or just go fishing.

You can also escape from the heat to the air-conditioned refreshment and recreation center and catch an NBA play-off game or the latest Finnish music acts on TV.

Painting a Finnish mural
Community painted Finnish mural
Family Activites

Hauli Huvila certainly is a place to relax, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of activities to do. During event weekends you will find friends, old and new, young and old, grooving to the tunes on the dance floor into the wee hours of the night. You can park yourself at the refreshment center and enjoy a lively conversation and a great view of the dancing crowd.

During the day enjoy table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and scheduled activity events such as egg tossing, mölkky, boot toss contests, and many more. The highlight for many is the daily float down the Kings River, so bring your rubber rafts and floating coolers.


For those of you who really want to escape from the hassles of everyday life, Hauli Huvila facilities has a complete kitchen that serves 3 meals a day during our weekends and can be rented for your special occasion at other times. During our weekends, like everything else, the kitchen operates purely on a volunteer basis. So if you can make magic happen with a spatula and a frying pan, please sign up, it will be appreciated.

Community meals cooked by volunteers

No Finnish campground would be complete without a sauna. Hauli Huvila has two saunas. The sauna is a traditional place to unwind, meet with friends, and recuperate from the stresses and ailments of everyday life. Both saunas are heated 24 hours a day during event weekends, so you can enjoy them day or night, or both as the case may be.

Traditional Finnish sauna
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