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Experience the traditional Finnish sauna

The facilities at Hauli Huvila provide amenities to make your stay more comfortable, enjoyable, filled with fun activities, and most importantly, a Finnish experience. As a private camp, our volunteers strive to provide a whole experience for you during your stay. Thus the following are available to guests: bathroom, showers, recreation room, cooked meals from our kitchen, dining area, playground and most importantly, the Finnish sauna.

Our Economy System


When staying at Hauli Huvila there is no need to carry cash with you. We employ a hotel room charge system. When you check into Hauli Huvila, you’ll get a number, we put your number on two cards: one card goes into the recreation room, and the other into the kitchen. Tell everyone in your party to remember the number you are given. Then when you or anyone in your party wants a drink or a meal during breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, simply tell the host your number and they will add your item to the card. Then when you checkout, the cards are tallied up and the charges are totaled. As a private camp run by volunteers everything contributed is a donation to Hauli Huvila. This way you don’t need to worry about carrying money around or paying for things. Just enjoy yourself and focus on having fun at Hauli Huvila!

Recreation Room

There are always plenty of family activities to enjoy while at Hauli Huvila, be it outside or in our air-conditioned recreation room. We’ve got a big screen TV to watch your favorite live sporting event (hopefully Finland is winning), a foosball table, a piano, board games, and of course cards, all available in our recreation room. There are always good fun family activities to participate and play, including some Finnish games.

The recreation room is a popular location in the evenings at Hauli Huvila. Traditionally Finnish people like to have a good time when on holiday. The recreation room makes for a good-sized dance floor which often becomes active in the evenings as people gather around to play games, dance, and have a good time with their Finnish family and friends.


Kitchen and Dining

We have a large kitchen at our camp and during the long event and holiday weekends there are meals planned for each day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are planned and prepared by volunteers. Our kitchen manager Riikka works with volunteers to ensure they have everything needed to prepare meals for the entire campground. Often, you’ll experience a taste of traditional Finnish cuisine in our meals, especially at breakfast and dinner time. We offer hearty and delicious comfort foods in addition to including optional vegetarian substitutes when meat is the main course. If you have any special needs or requests, including birthdays or special occasions, please let us know when you check in, we will try to accommodate your needs.

We have a large outdoor dining area directly in front of the kitchen along with a dining area closer to the Kings River. Meals are served family style buffet. Everything at Hauli Huvila is a volunteer team effort, so if you would like to volunteer in the kitchen for a meal, be it assisting with the food preparation, planning a meal, cooking, cleaning, or simply helping to serve, let us know. Not only do you become a part of our community by helping out, but volunteers get their meal for free.

Sauna and Showers

One of the best things about Hauli Huvila is being able to experience the traditional Finnish sauna any time of the day or night and as often as you wish. During the long event and holiday weekends we keep our sauna going round the clock so you can take sauna whenever you want, be it first thing in the morning, after breakfast, before and after dinner, and even at 3 o’clock in the morning. For many Hauli Huvila guests, the love of taking sauna is one of the favorite amenities to enjoy and share with family, friends, and guests.


The sauna building is divided into two, his and hers, the women on the left and the men on the right side. Co-ed sauna is only allowed in the men’s sauna between 10:00pm – 6:00am.

The Finnish tradition of taking sauna is to take it au naturel, or nude, and many Hauli Huvila visitors do practice this tradition. Don’t be shy, it is a perfectly normal part of the Finnish culture, but you can wear a swimsuit or a towel if you feel uncomfortable. During co-ed times, swimsuits are recommended. Also, if you plan on running from the sauna to jump into the cool Kings River, then swimsuits are also required once you leave the sauna – no skinny dipping. As part of the sauna experience you’ll want to take a shower once you’re done. There are two showers on each side (his and hers)-for a total of four. Be careful, the hot water can get a little HOT!

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