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Getting to Hauli Huvila

Hauli Huvila
8802 Kings River Road
Reedley, CA 93654


Arriving at Hauli Huvila

Please note when driving from Manning Avenue to turn onto Kings River Road, it looks like a dead end service road and can be easy to miss on your first visit to Hauli Huvila.

Don’t worry, your at the right place, simply turn onto Kings River Road and follow it around, drive past the railroad bridge and small residential area to arrive at Hauli Huvila. Note the railroad bridge clearing is 10′ 7″, if your motor home is higher, you can drive around the left side of the bridge which has plenty of room.

Check In

Once you arrive, park and come to the recreation room to check in. One of our team hosts will provide you with your card number to use at the Hauli Huvila facilities.  If you’re camping, simply find an available camp location you want to use and claim it, if you have a cabin, let the host know and they will show you which one is yours, and if you have a motor home, simply park it at an available location in our designated motor home and RV parking area



Once you’ve checked in, you can drive directly to your  camp spot to unload your automobile, when you are done unloading, please park in a designated parking area.  If you are in a cabin you may park directly behind your cabin.

Now all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself at Hauli Huvila!

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